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Crystal Visions by Doodleholic

It's only me,
Who wants to wrap around your dreams, and...
Have you any dreams you'd like to ș͇͈͕̭e͓̘͇̮͛͊ͤͯ̍̌͗l͈̣͖͔l̹̮̯̭̹̦̿?

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favorite films → spirited away (2001)
once you meet someone, you never really forget them.

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Mike Dringenberg & Malcolm Jones III
Sandman vol. 1, issue 8, page no. 13
"The Sound of Her Wings"
August 1989
Ink on board.
From the collection of Saunter Lee

Here’s another photo from the Cartoon Art Museum's Sandman exhibit (held earlier this year). Sandman issue no. 8 is widely regarded as being a key issue in the Sandman series, for it introduces the reader to Dream's sister, Death.

More photos are forthcoming.

Links to my previous original Sandman art photos, are listed below:

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